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See a list of our standard rates.  Rates may vary, based on your needs, but we try to stick to standard rates, so that you know what to expect.



Acupuncture sessions begin with a full intake to discuss current health concerns as well as your history to create an individualized treatment plan.  Descriptions of therapies used are listed below.

  • Acupuncture

    • Acupuncture is the insertion of fine, solid sterile needles at certain points in the body to stimulate a healing response.  Treatments begin with an intake to assess the client's main complain, as well as their general overall health.  The Acupuncturist will diagnose and create an individual treatment plan based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostic system.

  • Cupping

    • Cupping utilizes special size and shape cups to create a suction on the skin in order to elicit a release of stagnant blood, lymph and qi.  There are several purposes for the acupuncturist to add cupping to a treatment, most common is to relieve muscle tension and improve respiratory conditions.

  • tuI na

    • Pronounced "twee naw" this is a form of therapuetic massage used to address a specific condition.  It is not used as a form of relaxation, whole-body massage, but may be performed at your appointment as part of your overall treatment.

  • gua sha

    • Gua Sha involves the use of a tool, this could even be a Chinese soup spoon, to scrape and massage the skin in a downward motion.  It may help relieve areas with chronic pain and muscle tension and to reduce inflammation in different parts of the body.

  • Food therapy

    • Food is a vital part of healthy living, and I am constantly learning about ways to improve health and assist patient health conditions through dietary adjustments.  Our health starts with what we eat, and this is something I like to incorporate into my patient's health plan.

  • Herbal perscription

    • Chinese herbal medicine is one of the oldest forms of medicine practiced.  They are very safe and effective when prescribed by a licensed practitioner.  As part of your treatment plan, we may discuss the addition of herbal medicine to help increase the healing effect of acupuncture.  They come in a variety of forms from pre-made teapills, capsules, etc., as powders that can be combined for a custom formula, or as raw herbs that can be boiled down and made into a decoction at home.  The type depends on your individual condition needing to be addresses, as well as, the type we feel you will most readily take and use as directed.


  • $72 PER session

    • Sessions may include any of the services cited above, as a part of your treatment plan.



Can acupuncture help you?

More and more people are finding out that acupuncture is a valuable tool in their healing process.  I am frequently asked, "Can acupuncture help me with fill-in-the-blank?"  The answer is most likely, yes.  Call me to schedule a no obligation consultation to discuss your health needs today.