My mission as a private practitioner is to assist my patients in their quest for optimal health through the use of Acupuncture and Chinese herbs and also through food therapy and lifestyle education. I seek to help my patients recognize where they may be out of balance in order to ease pain, bring peace and restore harmony to both their physical and mental health.  It is important to understand that the work I do through Acupuncture, is only a part of the solution.  Often once the healing process is begun through our sessions, it is up to the patient to participate in this process as well.  At first, that may simply mean showing up for appointments to continue self-care and after that perhaps it will be a willingness to change a dietary choice or do a few stretches or exercises.  I like to meet people where they are and take things one step at a time so if you are motivated to make multiple changes at the same time that is great, but if you need a little more time and space to move towards greater health then you will find that there is no judgement and I, along with my toolbox, will be there to coach you at the pace that fits your life.

Prior to receiving my degree in Oriental Medicine, I studied and received my BA in Environmental Studies at University of Colorado - Boulder. It is during this time that I truly developed an appreciation for the interrelation of the global environment and the health and well-being of all species, including the human race. To me, Traditional Chinese Medicine is like a microcosm of this idea, as it is based on the understanding that our surrounding environment, lifestyle, emotions, food choices, etc all affect our own internal environment.  



At the moment I am juggling plates, trying to get my feet fully planted since taking over The Medicine Tree Acupuncture Clinic, but check back soon!  Eventually I would like to have regular blog entries spanning the many facets of my practice and my growth as a practitioner/student of eastern medicine.