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Kari haugen

Massage Rituals will lead you on a journey of self-discovery, wonder and awakening. Every word, image, and touch has been thoughtfully crafted to help you overcome blocks, claim your power, and open yourself to new possibilities. This program I would like to introduce to you came from my professional experience but what makes this program truly unique is the wisdom that comes from my own healing experiences.

ABOUT ME: I have been doing Massage Therapy for the past 23 years. I graduated from The Touch of Life School of Massage in 1994 and am certified in a variety of Massage techniques. I am a big advocate for Interactive Medicine and care deeply about practices that have little or no side effects while activating the body's own innate healing mechanisms. Early in my massage career I realized that physical manipulation of soft tissue alone was often not enough to help many clients achieve deep relaxation and heal. So I began using Bio-Feed-Back and developing Interactive Body Awareness lessons that assist these clients to also enter deep states of relaxation, & forge a life changing mind-body connection.

Learn more at: www.touchingwisdom.com or call 612-722-0875 to schedule


genevieve avalon

Offering Craniosacral therapy, & energy work modalities including Pranic, Theta, and Reiki Healing. All combined with Myofascial unwinding and therapeutic massage, birth doula services, placenta services and herbalism. Serving people from all walks of life with love and openness.


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